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What a weekend

These last few days have been pretty crazy. With moving, painting, family visiting, message prep, etc.... it's been a whirlwind. Here are a few highlights.

1. I put a hole in my wall at the new house while trying to fit a sofa up the stairs and into the loft.

2. Ended up getting a total of 3 hours of sleep in a period of about 50 hours. (painting all night)

3. During our move I found my face trapped between the side of the U-haul and a couch as one of my friends tripped over the wheel well and dropped the couch on my head. I immediately began to think of my usefulness each weekend if my jaw was wired shut.

4. Jon Capp and I went to Wal-Mart at 1:30 a.m. and a lady said to us "You guys are too happy this late at night." Jon said "Yeah... we've been painting all day because we're moving. Well, not US... but HIM and his WIFE. He's Married. He's a Pastor. We're moving HIM and HIS WIFE... It's not HE and I... because that would be just weird!" All of this was said in a defensive "I'm not gay" voice.

5. Did you know that at 2 a.m. McDonalds only has a "night" menu? It has like 4 things you can order. We chose the chicken McNuggets.

6. Bear paint doesn't have as bad of a fume smell as other paints and it was rated as the best paint by Consumer Reports. Apparently Ace Paint was 2nd.

7. We used a Uhaul for 1 trip and a total of 20 miles. When we were at a stop sign I put it in what I thought was first gear and hit the gas but the truck jumped backwards! The Reverse and 1st gear were backwards in this thing compared to my car. It was scary! Fortunately no one was behind us or else they would have been as flat as a pancake. The Uhaul was probably built before I was born.

8. We had some friends over for small group last night. I opted to do dinner instead of a study because I was totally fried! I had about 5 different people say to me on Sunday morning "Man Tally... you look exhausted!"

9. What I learned from said small group was that when there are kids over we have to put sheets of plexi-glass on the walls, a sub pump in the bathroom and a huge tarp under the dinning room table. We really enjoyed sharing our first meal in the house with friends from our small group. That's what it's about.

10. When I'm tired I should really make sure to use the stairs to get on the stage. I'll post about that in a seperate post.

11. My new neighbor has a wireless router. I won't tell you how I know that. I also won't tell you that my cable internet hasn't been hooked up yet and I'm still typing this post. (insert evil laugh here)

12. Lyle knows more 90's rap than any white-boy I know.

13. Our painter we hired for the living room did a fantastic job. Jon, myself and my wife Kristy's dad took care of the master bedroom, bath and landing. It also looks good if I do say so myself.

14. Twinkies at 2 a.m. make for a great snack. I hear that the shelf-life on those things is 99 years.

15. When God wants to speak to people on a Sunday he can even use a guy who's had 9 hours of sleep in 3 days! God rocked yesterday.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, May 22, 2006


At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Jim Walton said...

#4 about using the "I'm not gay" voice reminds of a time recently I was having dinner with a good buddy of mine from church at Golden Corral. Him and I are both happily married to our wives, by the way. On the way out, he stopped to say hi to her and they reminisced and all, pretty typical. Then we got to the door and he stopped and was saying 'oh no, I gotta go back' He ran back in, I casually walked back and he's telling her about his wife and kids, I pretty well knew what was going on and I just stood there and smiled.

When we finally left, I said, 'What did you do, run back there screaming I'm not gay!!!'

Too funny, it cracked me up. My friend, by the way, is one of the biggest, toughest, manliest men I know and the thought of him justifying his straightness using his 'I'm not gay' voice still makes me laugh.

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey it was an waesome weekend, can we hang thursday and do lunch?


At 4:04 PM, Blogger Tally said...

Jim... very funny indeed.

Jon... I believe so. Give me a call tonight. I should know then. Don't forget about 24!!!!! Last one is tonight.

At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff. ALthough I was hung over, I do believe I could have made the jump from the ground to the stage. haha



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