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The Stage Dive: Explained

My boy Chris mentioned on another post that he could have made it up onto the stage... this is what he was talking about.

This weekend I was dragging in a big way. Sunday comes every week however so it was on!

This week I wore jeans and flip-flops. There's not much strange about that except for how it affected me this past week.

At the last song of the music set I really felt that we needed to extend the worship by challenging people to truly mean what the lyrics were saying. In an effort to quickly get up on the stage before the band packed up and before our people started to get ready for the message, I figured I'd jump up onto the platform and make the quick announcement.

I made my approach and took the leap. Our staging is only 2 feet high but it might as well have been 10 feet high... I jumped with all that was in my tired bones and apparently my foot had clearance but my sandal slipped forward and caught the edge of the stage. I fell face first onto the stage. Fortunately I caught myself with my hands and knees so I quickly popped back up but it was one of the most embarrising things that has EVER happened to me in ministry.

Normally I would have made fun of myself but I didn't want to distract from the moment so I just mentioned that it hurt a little and then I went into the meaning of why I jumped up there.

Has anyone else done something to make you want to hide your face on a Sunday morning?

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, May 22, 2006


At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought you where joking when i saw it but it looked like it hurt no joke.


At 12:42 AM, Blogger Pine Ridge Church said...

Tally I hate to laugh at you bro...but that is pretty funny stuff!

Last June I had just got married...we went home for the weekend to move all of her stuff down here to GA...that same weekend I was speaking at that Stone (bad idea)..

Anyways..after moving all day...Becki had her bestfriend fly into Atlanta...plus my car was at the aiport because I flew up to NC so I could drive the moving truck back....anyways after sitting in the airport for a 3 hr. delay due to some big storms in Atl...we headed to the and off-site parking lot to pick-up my car...

I walked to the back of the parking lot and found my car submerged under the water....some dam had broke and flooded the parking lot...

To make a long story short...I got in home around 6:30 am...and had to speak at 10:00...I didn't fall flat on my face...but I should have...I can promise you that you have never heard anything worse than me speaking that day...I could not get my mouth to say any of the words in my head....it was brutal!

Probably the most humbling experience of my life!

So I do feel your pain!


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