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Mother's Day and Baby Dedications

This week we'll be combining Mother's Day with the Dedication of some of our babies. Focal Point has had a handful of babies born this year and we're going to take time to pray for them this week and dedicate them to the Lord.

We'll challenge the church, myself and the parents to all work together to provide each child with a healthy and biblical community where they have the best opportunity to become God-honoring men and women.

I've married people and buried people but I don't believe I've done a baby dedication yet. It should be fun. One of the babies we're dedicating is my own Caleb.

Mothers Day seemed like an appropriate time to dedicate these children to the Lord. Mothers are the vessels God uses most to nurture and care for the children. No matter how close I am to my son, my wife will always have the bond that existed for those 9 months she carried him around.

My prayer is that our church family will take to heart the dedication of these children and work hard to protect their church and make it a great place for these kids to grow and learn to love the Lord.

In addition to the Baby Dedication our band will do a touching song to honor moms and we'll have a beautiful gift for each mom that comes through. It should be a great day.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Saturday, May 13, 2006


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