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Dad, Son and Dragons

(Look at this expression)

Yesterday Caleb, Kristy and I grabbed lunch at Kristy's law office (we have a sitter in the afternoons) and as usual all of the women were gauking over him. Well, on the elevator it got kinda cramped with the lunch crowd and a young woman ended up standing right next to Caleb's stroller. I felt terrible for her. Caleb reached out and gave her a little pinch on the rump. Kristy and I both said "no" at the same time and went to grab his arm back... the woman jumped and everyone in the elevator laughed. It was so funny!

(Caleb learned how to clap)

Did I mention that I love this little guy?
I believe everything on this planet is here to reveal to us part of God's glory and power. Caleb reveals so much to me about God as Father.

I'm reading Donald Miller's book "To Own a Dragon" and in many cases it's hitting home. He refers to the concept of a dad as a 'Dragon'. The concept of a Dragon is often talked about but we never seem to experience one for ourselves. Miller uses that concept as a way to help the outside world understand what it feels like for many of us who grow up without fathers. Yes you hear that you should have something different in life but you don't really know what you're missing. Just as none of us know what it feels like to see a dragon live and in person.

Because I didn't have my father around growing up I had to learn so many lessons from other places and people. Unfortunately in my life I had to sift through many men who weren't interested in being men of God. They were interested in being children in adult bodies. As long as God allows me, I have committed to Caleb (though he doesn't know it) to be the man he can look to to learn about being a Godly man.

I'm not the only one doing the teaching. God is using Caleb to reveal to me many of God's own Fatherly qualities that we can only see when we begin to love a child as our own. Every time I look at Caleb I learn something new about life. I love him!

By the way, if you grew up in a father-less home or if your dad was living in but checked-out... you have to get this book.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, May 11, 2006


At 2:47 PM, Blogger Sheff said...

It is amazing that God allows us the opportunity, and privilege of being called "Daddy." God Bless.


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