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It is Finished

Jesus said these words on the cross when his mission was complete.

God is pretty powerful and has something called foreknowledge. Therefore if God gives man a vision for the future ... it is a vision of something that is completed already IF we partner with him as we move forward. God definately has the right to alter and adjust. Paul while traveling was altered a few times along the way and ultimately we saw why God did what he did but the fact is that when God sets something on our hearts... we can have the confidence to know that it's already done in the future.

If our hearts are right and we are really hearing from Him... AND we're following him each step of the way... the fruit that will come will be equal to or (in most cases) more abundant than anything we could see.

I pray that as we all work today on His Kingdom in our respective towns that we can stop to appreciate the small square that God is asking us to sew in his amazing tapestry we call history.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, May 24, 2006


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