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Liberty Has a New Coach

Dr. Falwell made the announcement today that Liberty University now has a new head football coach. You may recall the house cleaning I spoke of two weeks ago... now the new furniture is in.

Danny Rocco, the current Associate Head Football Coach at UVA is now at Liberty U. Coach Rocco will be focusing on recruiting and staff during the next two weeks before the moratorium on recruiting goes into play for bowl season. He will then meet back up with UVA and coach in their bowl game. They are expected to play either on December 29 or December 30th.

Overall I'm very pleased with this selection. Coach Rocco has been in many major programs including Penn State, Wake Forest, UVA, UT and Boston College among several others. He's even coached with Al Groah (current UVA coach) at the Pro level with the New York Jets. Danny Rocco is a fine man with the right attitude. He said that while at Boston College (Catholic in nature) he took the approach that he should be able to recruit any Catholic away from their state's big-name school. He said at LU he plans to do the same thing. He will utilize LU's distinctively Christian atmosphere as a benefit and not a deterrent.

You can read more about Coach Rocco from UVA's website here.

- Another news wire story here
- Google search of stories here

Welcome to LU coach Rocco!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, December 02, 2005


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