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The little things

- This weekend went well at Focal Point. We had a great time of worship with Steven J. Wales. Steven did a good job leading worship and teaching in order to give our band and myself a break. Our people seemed to enjoy him and the message was very relevant.

- A young woman attended our church after seeing my wife's jeep parked in the parking garage at their office building. Apparently she saw our focalpointchurch.com licence plate and decided "I'll check them out." She came and told my wife that she liked what she saw. That's a positive little thing.

- While at Starbucks the other day the girl behind the counter saw my ONE bracelet and said "I'm jealous, I've wanted one of those." I said "I have a few at the house, would you like me to get you one?" She said "That would be great." Upon returning to the store (just a few blocks from my house) I gave her two bracelets. We talked about the church (I have a history at Starbucks) and she offered to attend. I gave her a card and we left it at that. The little thing here is that she saw the bracelet as a point of connection. Although she knows I'm a Pastor and she doesn't attend church, she saw me caring about and organization that she cares about. It's so important that Christians support positive causes in the world regardless of their founder's beliefs. There are wonderful organizations out there that we dont' associate with because they aren't exclusive to Christianity. Think of how much opportunity there is in sharing the hope that you have (I Peter 3:15) with those who don't share the same faith.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, August 08, 2005


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