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Christians Gone Wild

Christians gone wild
A 10 year old was arrested last week in Florida while supposedly trying to take water to Terri Schaivo. Apparently little Joshua is following in his dad's footsteps who has a record of getting arrested for poor behavior while picketing at abortion clinics.

Tonight on Fox News, 'On the Record with Greta Van Susteren' featured the boy and his father. His father proudly held a coffee table-sized bible as his son tried to answer the questions. Greta asked the younger Joshua "Do you know how she got to where she is or what is wrong with her?"
The boy wasn't prepared to explain what he believed about the situation, only what he did and why.

I don't blame the boy. He obviously has been put up to this by his parents who are using the bible as their basis for their actions. He (in his good heart) is doing what he believes is right. I do find concern however when Christians bring God into this and then scream and kick and send 10 year olds in to get arrested. Did I mention that they don't even live in Florida, but rather Charlotte, NC?

Last week I posted about this arrest in support of the concern displayed by this young man. Now that I've seen 47 such arrests and today found out that only 4 of those have been people who actually live in Florida, I've set my feelings aside for my logic. My personal desire is that we always side with life. I still don't see the husband's view on this one but I think Christians are hurting the cause of Christ by their actions.

While I'm at It
Have you heard what the "church" has done to Judge Greer? I read an article today dealing with the fact that the Pastor at Judge Greer's church (the judge who ordered the feeding tube removed) wrote him a letter basically turning his back on the Judge.

Calvary Pastor William Rice wrote Greer a letter: "I am not asking you to do this, but since you have taken the initiative of withdrawal, and since your connection with Calvary continues to be a point of concern, it would seem the logical and, I would say, biblical course."

Again, I'm not hard core in support of the Judge on the issue at hand but I am a Pastor and not a lawyer. I'm not a lawyer and most certainly not a judge. I am not privileged to the last 15 years of court documents and medical exams or testimony. I can not see what Judge Greer sees. I know what I 'feel' but I don't know the facts as presented to Mr. Greer. If I am the Shepard of Judge Greer I do not believe that I would place myself in the battle. I believe I'd be his Pastor and be private spiritual counsel if he wishes. The Judge has a family that is affected also. The Judge has Christian family with whom he's been worshiping for years (presumably). If I'm the Pastor, I pray and encourage him. I do not turn my back on him.

This, by the way, is the same judge who is now getting death threats. Does anyone recall the judge who was killed a few weeks ago in Georgia? How about the judge who came home to her home in Chicago to find her mother and husband killed by a psycho?

It just seems to me that we as Christians should think through how we represent the name of Christ. Driving 12 hours to send in our 10 year old sons to get arrested doesn't exactly scream "Compassion" as loud as it screams "Crazy". I hope we as Christians would step back and consider each argument and our course of action before taking action we may later come to regret.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, March 29, 2005


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