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Fast, Cheap, High Quality

I once heard that these are three components to customer satisfaction. In almost any situation a business can offer 2 but not 3.


I can get something Fast and Cheap (drive-thru food) but it won't be high quality.
I can get something Cheap and High Quality (meal at home) but it won't usually be fast (It takes a while to cook one's own food).
I can get something High Quality and Fast (Fine Dining)but it will not be cheap.

Today my wife's Jeep needed a new Power Steering Pump. [I didn't know this until I took it in for a repair after my wife said it was getting noisy and downright scary to drive.] Kristy (my wife) found a place nearby her office where they could work on it right away (fast). Based on their work and the silence while driving I'd say their quality was good (High Quality) but when I look at the nearly $300 I spent today I can say it wasn't what I'd call cheap.

I'm still a satisfied customer. Why? Because 2 of 3 of my desires as a consumer were met.

While waiting for the car to get repaired I went across the street to an old mom and pop diner. It looked like a run-down shack (reminded me of growing up in Baltimore City). I was served a meal quickly that in my estimation was okay and I paid about 8.50. So again I was satisfied. (Fast and decent quality).

Does this triangle of service work in your personal experiences? I'm still observing and learning about businesses so I'd be glad to hear from other P.O.V.'s.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, February 22, 2005


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