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Our Next Series

I'm excited about our new series at Captivate that begins this week. I'm really praying that our people see the need to surrender their earthly treasures for the sake of a heavenly one. This series won't be about money, it'll be about motives. God wants us to surrender to Him but instead so often times we surrender to the 'pirates' of our pride, our fear, our past and our greed. Check out the bumper below and the description of our next series.

song credit: Surrender by Blake Lewis

For years, tourists in beach areas around the country have seen the moniker “Surrender the Booty” emblazoned on flags, beach towels and bandanas. This pirate-themed saying harkens to a day when pirates on the open seas would capture cargo ships and steal their valuables. Even today at auction houses around the country you may find remnants of old pirate ships, treasure chests or cannons from these days gone by.

The Bible talks repeatedly about a similar hijacking taking place in the minds and hearts of people across the globe. God, in His great love for us, desires to give us an abundant life found in His Son, Jesus Christ. Life, however, is filled with various "pirates" who steal this true treasure and sink our proverbial ships as we sail the seas of life.

At Captivate Church, we will discuss the treasure of an abundant life and all of those pirates in life trying to steal what can be yours in Christ. We invite you to grab your eye-patch, wooden peg leg and a fake mustache as we explore a new series called “Surrender the Booty”.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, April 29, 2010


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