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Sherwood: More than a Movie Church

Sherwood Baptist Church is known as the church that put out the movies "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof". Both movies are known for their powerful story lines and life-giving messages. What I am left with during my visit is the overwhelming sense that this church is NOT a movie church. This church is FIRST a life-giving church in their community and then a church that does movies to spread that spirit to the rest of the world.

Sherwood is lead by a Pastor in Dr. Michael Catt who loves Jesus, loves people and is a man full of faith that God wants to move on behalf of his people. It shows.

The church sits in Albany, Ga which is a nice town but not exactly as large as Atlanta. It is a small town with some small town charm. Within this 'small' town is a church with a big-time heart. Sherwood has many ministries to reach out to those less fortunate, they have an 82-acre sports park they have built for the public, they give generously to many ministries all over this town.

In addition to what Sherwood does alone here in Albany, they have partnered in a very close way with a neighboring church that is almost exclusively an African-American congregation. Dr. Catt calls his friend, Dr. Daniel Simmons the 'co-pastor' of Sherwood Baptist Church. Dr. Simmons is actually the Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church here in Albany. Both of these men deserve great credit for the friendship they have forged, how closely they work with one another and how their partnership has bridged the racial divide for many in this community. I had a gentleman tell me during a break yesterday that he is thankful for their friendship because there are words that were spoken in his home that his children have never heard spoken in theirs. Powerful testimony to the power of Christ in the lives of these men.
Their friendship has enabled these two congregations who reach different people to often partner together as one in order to reach more people with the gospel of Christ. In a small southern town this is nothing to sneeze at. Their friendship is evident and their ministry is more effective because of their willingness to love one another and minister together.

I'm truly honored to be partnering with Sherwood Baptist Church. They have been an exemplary model for how a church reaches their own town and out to the world. Thank you Dr. Catt and thank you Sherwood.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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