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Captivate Update

This weekend was a great weekend in the life of this new church, Captivate Church. We believe God draws people to Himself with an irresistible appeal so we're working to build a church that does exactly that.

During the month of September we're inviting people who are interested in Captivate Church to join our 'launch team' for worship. On Sunday we had a great crowd and we had an amazing time together.

We're just 3 weeks away from public launch on October 4th but we can feel the momentum building. Paint is going up on a bunch of walls, we're unwrapping chairs and electricians were at the facility this morning installing power to the Children's auditorium. It's all coming together.

Our team is pretty amped up and we can't wait to welcome the community to weekend services in our new space. God has blessed and we're honored to create a church that will reach people in the Baltimore area.

Thank you to all of you who sacrifice and give so that this church gets birthed here.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, September 14, 2009


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