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Captivate Update

A ton has been going on here in Baltimore as we work to Captivate the city. These updates will not do our efforts justice but will give you an idea of how God is at work.

1. We held a block party for the first time in our inner-city location. The block party was complete with games and food as well as three Moon Bounces. Well over 200 people came out with next to no marketing. I personally had a dozen people ask us when we'd be starting the church in their neighborhood. There is a thirst for something real.

2. We also held an Upward Basketball camp in the city for the same neighborhood. We had over 70 boys and girls come out to participate in the basketball and cheer camp. We shared the gospel many times during the week and two children responded with professions of faith. Additionally we were able to show Jesus' love in very practical ways as nearly 30 adults were able to invest in these kids and give them a model of the church that is far different from what they may see in their neighborhood day to day.

3. Our block party truck is out and about in the Towson/Timonium areas. We're holding events around town where we can make contacts and cast vision for this new church coming to the area.

4. We're gearing up for our first baptism next Tuesday night. We have two guys from our College bible study being baptized after their profession of faith. We're looking forward to throwing a party!

5. We're praying for a few more partners. God has given us favor with churches and individuals who are supporting our effort and we heard of a few groups actively interested in getting on board. For this to happen would be amazing. We're in a position where a few partners could make a huge difference. Please join us in praying for favor with the people God has brought our way.

6. Ben Arment came in for an on-site consultation over the last two days. Ben was able to provide some solid observations that will help us down the stretch as we prep for our first year. I hope to get to a post about the visit but I will encoruage you to give Ben a call if you're doing any type of endeavour where you could use some outside 'eyes'. He has the ability to encourage and nudge in a way that others have buy-in. Ben is certified in Myers-Briggs personality types and was a huge help to various team members and communications among our team. A final note is that your team and community will feel comfortable telling an outside guest something that they wish they could tell you directly. A consultant like Ben is able to respond to them and/or pass the information along to me. Ben isn't the first 'outsider' I've had in and he will not be the last.

7. We're praying like crazy about our facility situation. Please join us.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, July 02, 2009


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