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Prayer Request Update

It's a great Friday in Baltimore. God is on the move and I'm pumped to be on His team.
As you know by now I had an amazing time in Charlotte with the guys from Elevation Church at their non-conference Conference- THR3E. They did a bang-up job and I count it an honor to have learned from them.

I have a few pressing prayer requests and I sincerely appreciate your prayers. Please don't simply read the following but if you could, take a few moments to petition God on our behalf.

- Local Relationships- We're at a stage where we're starting some weekly meetings with some local folks to build up a core team. Please pray that our efforts are done well and that God would bring people who will become one with us and the vision God has given for this area. I sense a desire in our region for a church like ours and I know those far from God need a church like ours in the area. Pray for God to bring us teammates to serve at our side in this cause.

- Facility- We're not settled on a facility yet. We've found that our area is very costly even in comparison for this region. The typical facilities plants would use are either in-use or are unavailable to us for a longer term commitment. We're looking at schools and semi-permanent space at this point and are seeking God's wisdom and favor for this move. We found a facility that would be amazing but would need just a little more capital to make it happen. At this stage we're not moving forward unless/until God brought a partner that made it clear we should pursue that facility.

- Staffing- We're just about staffed out to get started. Please pray for our team as they come together and for God to bring some amazing volunteers to fill in the gaps in leadership as well as take chunks of this vision and run with it.

- Partnership Development- We've been blessed with some great partners and we have several who are still considering their involvement. It is our prayer that again God would speak to hearts and we'd get the exact partners He's picked out for us. I view the work God will do in Baltimore as an amazing opportunity for folks to invest here. I'm praying we get a few more key partners who see it that same way. Several PDF's of ways you and your church could help are available for download at CaptivateChurch.com and click "media".

Thank you so much for taking time to pray for us. I have heard from many of you who have prayed and continue to pray. Thank You.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, May 01, 2009


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