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Vision Villains

If you are a man or woman of God who has a vision for your life I have something you should know... vision villains will want to eat your lunch.

You may already know this but that's not the thought of the day. The thought of the day is that vision villains do not all look the same. In fact, some of the people you'll need to avoid are people who seem to line up with where God has called you. They will invite you to join them in what they already have going. If what they have going however is not what God called you to, you may find yourself shaving off the uniqueness of why God called YOU.

If your relationships explicitly or implicitly require you to round the edges of what God has instructed you to do I am afraid you've found not a friend but a vision villain. There are plenty of people doing nice things but there is a reason you are called.

So if you're called by the creator of the universe to do something, do it. Do all of it. Do not falter because of man's opinion and do not falter by giving up your uniqueness.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, February 06, 2009


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