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What's on My Brain

Once in a while I get wrapped up in the schedule of the day so much so that I don't think about the blog. This has happened more and more since I started to Twitter. Some things I would normally have blogged about I don't feel as compelled to blog because I have Twittered some of the thoughts of the day.

I thought for you, the committed reader, I'd take some time and let you know what's on my brain these days.

- Had an amazing 2 day seminar with Dr. James Merritt and his Executive Pastor Larry Herndon from Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, GA. Dr. Merritt and Mr. Herndon gave some amazing information to about a dozen of us. I'll post some recap stuff later but I can tell you that I became a genuine fan of these men while they were with us. I was privileged to spend much of Thursday with them touring Baltimore together and they are the 100% real deal. I'm looking forward to working with them here in Baltimore in the near future.

- Our daughter Ainsley is taking her sweet time. We're now pushing about a week overdue. Please pray for Kristy as she cannot get an epidural so a larger baby will not be fun. Also if they have to C-section she will have to go under completely. To be honest as a husband and father it's not the most appealing situation I could see. My prayer is that she comes soon naturally.

- Our team is great and I genuinely love them as people apart from what they will do for the new church start here. We've already started the bumpy process of building the church together and experienced some tension and conflict. We're pushing through it with grace. I recently listened to Reggie Joyner of North Point speak on CD from Catalyst Labs. He talked about systems and change. There is conflict as you implement new changes. I can assure you that it is magnified when you're starting everything from scratch and at times it seems like the lead planter has the resources in his head but needs to get them out. It can make for frustrating conversations. I'm trying to focus on getting stuff out of my head for my team.

- I'm reviewing a book this week on the blog. I was asked to review "Missional Renaissance" by Reggie McNeal. Reggie is with the Leadership Network and I had the honor of seeing him speak at Catalyst Labs this year. His talk was easily in the top 5 I heard the entire conference. I'm diving into is soon to be released "Missional Renaissance" this week and will have a review for you next Sunday. Keep on the lookout for that.

- I'm praying for an Executive Pastor-type. I have a friend in mind and I'm pretty sure my friend knows God has spoken to him too. I'm praying we get him soon so I can get back into my lane and allow him to take over some weak spots I have. Every established leader I've ever met who has accomplished anything worthwhile ALWAYS has a great #2. In those organizations the face on the place gets a lot of credit but behind the scenes there is a great appreciation for the #2 role. Pray that God has his will and gets us who we need there.

- I'm also praying for direction on a Lead Musician. There are possibilities that this position will become a combo position for our ministry on the campus of Towson University. Basically the right fit will be someone who is passionate about reaching out to college students and loves music. We want someone with a musical edge to them who will handle our musical needs and spend a few days a week gathering college students. I'm also pondering a head-hunting reward so if you know someone who fits this description, send me their name along with your demands :)

- Praying for our house in VA to sell. It's not fun to pay for a house you don't live in and since we're in a Condo Association (I shouldn't type what I think of them), we're not being allowed to rent it out. Pray for God to intervine for us on that issue.

- Overall things are going well right now. We have a ways to go with our fund raising but I'm not disappointed at all with where we are. We are blessed. I'm praying God allows us to continue meeting people and finding partners along the way. I'm praying not only for money but more importantly great relationships with solid leaders. I'm praying for people who will invest in us and who will take our success in Baltimore as a passion of their own. So far God is bringing us into contact with exactly those types of people.

- One of the reasons I'm stoked about Baltimore is that our church start will have the opportunity to be an immediate player in the spiritual climate of Baltimore. This are is desperate for the type of church we are bringing. I'm so pumped to see what God is going to break loose here. This is not hype. I assure you we have the opportunity to make an immediate and large difference on this city. So much of what needs to be done is not being done and I'm genuinely excited about the vision God has put in my heart for my home town. We will immediately make a difference well beyond Sunday mornings I assure you that.

- Lastly, later this week I will begin announcing ways for your church to make a difference in Baltimore. We have two big efforts we will kick off this week and then periodically I'll begin sharing other opportunities. We're compiling a list and investigating partners whom we can assist locally. Part of how I see our church is to be a facilitator of connections. We have many worthy ministries in the city with no voice to speak of. They are not connected to the American Church at large and I believe we can be a voice for their great work. I'm hoping to see our network of bloggers and churches from around the country to pitch in and help us reach out to this city.

I'm so pumped to know you, friends in the blog-world. As I look back at so many doors God has opened I find this blog to be the reason for so many of them. I've gotten to know some amazing people and our relationships started right here. If you're a reader of the blog or you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you're up to and how I can be praying for you. I know there is a ton of talent and passion out there that I need to connect to.

Don't be shy, say hello.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, January 26, 2009


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