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My Block: Audrey Avenue Edition

The Tour Continues:

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Tonight I spent some time talking to my mom about some childhood memories. I figured I'd give you a peak into my world. Over time I'll try to show you different streets I lived on. We moved a bunch so I'll get to give you a small tour of Bmore by doing this from time to time.

Above is a street called Audrey Avenue. We lived here when I was pretty young. I remember learning to ride my bike here. This is how it went down. My mom let me loose on my bike without training wheels down this hill. I peed my pants approaching the 4-way stop sign but I learned to ride my bike pretty quickly!

Another event I remember from this block is when a kid who lived across the street stole my bike. My mom had strict rules about me not crossing the street. To obey my mom I did what any kid would have done in my situation. I picked up a large rock and threw it across the street. It landed on the kids head. I ran into my house and hid in my room only to have the kid and his dad come to the door. I remember the guy's voice like it was yesterday. He said "I don't appreciate what YOUR son did to MY son." Then the man turned his son around and there was a huge knot with a gash in the kid's head. My mom whipped me up, down and all around that house! That kid never stole my bike again ;)

There is another story about a mean cab driver who lived on that street. The story involves sugar and a gas tank. I won't tell that one on here.

So here ya go... Audrey Avenue in Baltimore, MD.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, December 22, 2008


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