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A need seen is an assignment given

When I was in college I learned the expression "A need seen is an assignment given."

Read that again: "A need seen is an assignment given."

I really believe that God opens up our spiritual eyes to specific needs at specific times. While we live in a world of need not every single cause is our cause.

Not everyone we CAN help is the one we MUST help. If that were the case we would all end up in major need. There is a selectivity that must take place. This principle applies to those whom YOU feel compelled (called even) to help.

All of us are called be a PART OF SOMETHING and to help SOMEONE.

Typically there are two ways people offer their partnership.

1. Passive Partnership- "If we can help let us know."

2. Aggressive Partnership- "We can help and here's what we're doing up front... what else can we do?"

One of these groups feels that for whatever reason they believe in us and they went to God (who knows their resources and abilities). God confirmed a particular means and measure by which to bless our efforts: finances, relational, groups, all-of-the-above, etc. Several people called WITH THE END IN MIND! I remain humbled by these men of God.

That's the Aggressive Partner. They view their role as "A need seen is an assignment given." God revealed to them how THEY can help and THEY initiate the action and support. Solid leaders don't have to wait for a proposal.

Even great leaders who genuinely do not know how to help, phrase their offer of assistance in a different way. I had one lady in Georgia say "Hey, I'm a judge. I am President of the Board of Directors for XYZ and I have experience in XYZ and ABC. I have a passion for XYZ. Do you see a specific way that you can utilize everything I have at my disposal?"

That is a high capacity leader. She knows what she can do and she lays it out like a buffet. For whatever reason after talking to me and hearing her Pastor speak well of me and after praying to God she said: "I'm going to pour out blessing on that ministry and give them access to me. I don't know what they can use but I'm going to reveal what's at my disposal and see what God does."

In that case I was able to talk to her about coming to Baltimore and helping me speak with a crowd of people who may have never sat to listen to me. Now however, if I announce I have a judge and President of XYZ... I'm certain to have some interest from some young attorneys in the area.

We're going to work to get that set up in the next few months. Now imagine if she came up to me and said "Hey, if you need my help, let me know." I would not have been in a position to give her an opportunity that completely lines up with her passion and drive.

Church Planter: Let me speak into your life. I pray with all that is in me that your vision is big enough and clearly defined enough that you'd know what to do if a judge offered her assistance. I also pray that your vision is big enough and clear enough that you'd be comfortable talking to a man with a million dollar check in his hand. That is your job.

Okay... back to the point...

The Take-Away:
These days when a potential partner asks me to "Get back to me if we can help" I say "I would love for you to ask God what He wants you to do and I'll be thankful for your obedience in whatever He tells you. He owns it all and He knows you better than I do."

I want to encourage you today. If you're blessed... be a blessing. God doesn't point you to every project or person. But when you do see a need through your spiritual eyes, you should accept that as an assignment given. When we accept our ability to help as an assignment for God we follow through and are assertive to see that our help is provided in the method and measure our God reveals.

A need seen is an assignment given.

If we all did this, I believe we'd bless others in a greater capacity than we've ever done before and I believe those whom God calls us to bless would be in a greater position to bless others.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Saturday, November 22, 2008


At 12:41 AM, Blogger DARREN PLUMMER: said...

Great post, baby!!!! YOU'RE ON POINT LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

At 2:57 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

well said Tally.

When are you coming back to Second and Fourth?? Do you remember me?


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