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The Baltimore Project Tour- Tony Morgan

During my time with Tony Morgan I found wisdom in several areas but one of the areas that stuck out to me was that great leaders know when to say "I don't know."

Personally I have met a lot of dumb people in life who will talk as if they know everything about everything. On a few topics of discussion regarding start-up's Tony said "I don't know but maybe ______ would be better to answer that one..."

It takes a solid leader to be comfortable enough in what he/she knows and what he/she does not. I appreciated that about Tony.

Another thing that I took from my conversation with Tony was something that may help some of you church planters out there. On our way back to the cars I asked him "Tony, what's the dumbest question you have had a church planter ask you?" He said "Tally, they don't ask questions. They want to tell you everything about themselves and the big plans they have but they don't ask questions."

Hearing this response from Tony led me to write this open letter to church planters:

Dear Church Planter,

If you use the bulk of your time interacting with great leaders to talk about yourself, you are an idiot.


Most of the leaders I've been with have taken a few minutes to share something with you. I'm concerned Tony's video may start a fight but here goes:

** UPDATE ** I pulled some stats and click here for a quick comparison.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, November 17, 2008


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