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ATTENTION Church Planters and People who love them...

Announcing TheBaltimoreProject.com South East Fall Tour!

Starting tomorrow I will embark on a 'tour' of sorts.

I've contacted some amazing people and asked if I could spend an hour or so with each one.

Over the next week you will get to join me for the ride! I'm hoping the week will give me plenty of time with God to clarify some things, study scripture alone and sit at the feet of some amazing leaders. I'm not going into these discussions with any 'silver bullet question'. I'm simply going to allow these men of God to speak into my life and the ministry. I covet your prayers as I travel.

How you can follow and participate:

On Friday evening we will unveil a new site at "TheBaltimoreProject.com" which will document my travels. The site will feature a Twitter Feed, Videos, Pictures and links to our church Facebook page among other things. I'll use my Twitter to update you during my drive and at rest stops I'll update you via video.

Here's how YOU can participate:

1. Email Me: You can email thoughts, questions, observations... whatever.
2. Talk via Twitter
3. BECOME PART OF THE SHOW. If you're near any of my destinations I may be able to meet up with a few of you along the way. It becomes very lucrative if you buy me a meal or are a blogger who will agree to blog about my journey.

Here is my itinerary.
I'm not naming everyone on the trip but I'll give you the cities for now and you can follow along to see who we meet along the way. I can assure you that you will know just about everyone on the tour and those you do not know will be people who are well worth your time.

Here are the dates and cities I'm visiting. If you're in the neighborhood, holla.

Thursday- 13:
9 Hour Drive to Atlanta.
I gave up my seat on a plane but it's about $750 cheaper to return the car to the same location you pick it up! So I have nothing on the agenda but to listen to talks from the Catalyst Experience Kit and get to the ATL in a hurry!

Friday- 14:

Alpharetta, GA
Duluth, GA

Saturday- 15:

Woodstock, GA
Canton, GA

Sunday- 16:

Duluth, GA
Speaking to the Youth Service at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth.

Monday- 17:

Anderson, SC

Tuesday- 18:

Charlotte, NC


Lynchburg, VA

Thursday- 20:

Graham, NC
Virginia Beach, VA

Friday- 21:
Pack up our Moving Truck!

Saturday- 22:
Drive to Baltimore listening to Bon Jovi' and Sugarland's version of "Who says you can't go home" on loop.

Sunday- 23:
Speaking at the Sunday services of Reston Community Church. Bring a busload of friends.

Again, if you're near these cities and I haven't contacted you, feel free to drop me a line and I may be able to give you a cameo on the tour!

What are the goals of the tour?

1. To raise awareness of TheBaltimoreProject.com
As the lead planter going back to my hometown I know that I'm the main fund raiser and vision caster for this church plant. It's going to be vital that we raise enough support: Financially, Mission Teams and Prayer Teams. During this trip you will have opportunity to partner with us on our site. For Baltimore to be truly transformed we will need support networks from all around this country. The "bench" of Christians isn't very deep in the North East. There aren't an excess of healthy churches in that region just looking to support mission work. I believe some of our best supporters will come from you connecting us to people in positions to make a difference. Each partner will be duly recognized on our site and we will be certain to thank you publicly for your contribution to our efforts.

2. To learn from some of the sharpest minds in ministry today.
One of my key desires from this week long trip is to hear the heartbeat of God through these men and women I will meet along the way. God is moving in their midst and I want to in some small way see it up close and hear what God is saying to them. Some may have advice, others may just share their stories and still others may speak directly into particular aspects of our work. I'm wide open.

3. To share this experience with others.
I know that most church planters would die to be able to meet with most of these leaders. Where I am able I would like to pass along some information to current and potential church planters, mission agencies and everyday Christians. Some of what I will share will simply be my journey over the next week while other stuff may be more practical in nature. One of the things I hope to ask each leaders is to take a minute or less and provide a tidbit for you, the observer.

4. To spend time with God.
I'm doing this trip intentionally alone and not because I do not have friends. (SMILE).
I'm spending a week away on the road because I am begging God for the maturity, wisdom and insight that only He can provide. I will be speaking to some of God's most equipped people but most importantly I will be spending plenty of time with God alone. With the radio off and patches of road with just His handiwork I look forward to time with Him as we enter this most challenging season.

How you can pray.

1. Pray for my family-
My wife and son are sacrificing a lot for me to be away for a week.

2. Pray for spiritual growth-
I'm asking God to teach me.

3. Pray for partners-
We want to be a very healthy plant but we need financial help and manpower.

4. Pray for participants-
One way this will be a success for us is to begin lining up people who will bring their churches to Baltimore for mission projects.

5. Pray this is a blessing for others-
I'm dead serious about allowing the benefits of this tour to fall on others beyond myself. As I share what God is speaking to me and as these leaders share with us, I pray that church planters ready to quit will be encouraged, potential church planters will be emboldened, established Pastors will be enthused and Mission Pastors will see God at work around the country in church planting.

6. Pray for whatever you think
should have been in my top five but is not :)

Once our site launches I will update you with ways to publicize. For right now you can help by passing along this link. If you are a blogger and blog about this tour, send me a link and I'll make sure you get recognized for your kindness.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, November 12, 2008


At 8:14 PM, Blogger David said...

Inspired by the site and project. From Montreal Canada. When I see your passion for your city, it gives me more passion for my own (Montreal is in Quebec with less than 1% evangelical Christians connected to a church). Thanks for sharing it online.
Have a great road trip.

At 1:44 AM, Blogger Troy Bush said...

Praying for you as you travel. Look forward to seeing you Sunday!


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