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Vision Incarnate

Pastor Steven Furtick just brought the house down at Catalyst.

God used Pastor Steven Furtick to confirm in my heart many things about my hometown which I will still need to unpack and process over the next days and weeks.

Directly following Pastor Furtick's message the song God of this City was played.

In my minds eye all I could see was memory after memory of Baltimore Maryland. People from my childhood came to mind and tears started to flow. I don't cry. I'm not boastful about that, I just don't. But God broke my heart and affirmed that it's okay to let it loose.

So much of what has been in my core being for many years is about to explode out of me.

I will make formal announcements about all of this very soon after Catalyst but trust that God --Through Pastor Furtick-- spoke to my soul. He is 'vision incarnate' for my life right now. I'm refreshed and so humbled by what lays ahead.

If you think about it. I covet your prayers. Thanks.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, October 09, 2008


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