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Passionate Preaching

Recently I was talking to a friend who hasn't gone to church regularly ... ever.  There hasn't been a church in his life he's said "That's my church."  This guy accepted Christ a few years ago but hasn't plugged in anyware.  No, he doesn't live near me.

Anyway, my friend has gotten involved in a church so I asked him of his take on "church".  He spoke about the quality of everything going on.  Presentation is great and he shared that he's comfortable enough to continue attending.  My friend had one point of puzzlement.  He mentioned that the Pastor doesn't seem passionate.  He said "He needs to get excited."

When asked for more detail he said... 

"I sat there this Sunday thinking...YOU'VE been preparing seven days for this moment, I want YOU to be more excited about being here than ME.  On top of that I want you to make me excited about what YOU have to say."

I can assure you that the tone of these words was in the attitude of a plea, not a criticism.  This guy was saying "I'm excited about learning about Jesus... I want to learn how God can impact my family, make me a better person and change my world... but I feel like I'm more excited about learning than the Pastor is about teaching."

Another comment in the conversation was about energy in the room... he said "I just got out of bed and drug my family to the church service... I'm sitting down, the last thing I want is to stare at a guy sitting down in the same place for a half an hour talking in a monotone voice. It's not that I don't want to pay attention, it's just that watching the same spot that long makes me sleepy." 

I couldn't help as my friend was talking to see multiple sermons fast forward in my mind thinking "Did I put people to sleep?  Am I guilty of doing this?  Are there people in the audience more excited about hearing the message than I have been about delivering it?"  

While I'm certain I have been found guilty a time or two my friend assured me that the times he's visited I've been excited and full of energy.  

I just want to remind you Pastor that people are thirsty.  Men want to see that you (as their example) are fired up about Christ the way you want them to be.  If you're speaking for God each week and you aren't passionate about it... what can you expect of the people listening to your sermons? 

Get fired up!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, September 23, 2008


At 1:51 PM, Blogger JC said...

No Kidding! We have positions at bible schools and seminaries around this nation for those monotone speakers...

And a great reminder. I'm amazed as a CP, how hard it is for others to get ramped up. Working with kids forces one to be juiced up to keep the attention of 100+ kids at a time, and it's made me a much better public speaker.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Sheff said...

Thanks for the reminder! I agree with you 100%! If we are not excited about preaching God's Word, how can we expect others to get excited!


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