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The Wilgis Rewind

Welcome to the Wilgis Rewind. Here are a few of the happenings in the Wilgis household over the last week:

We LOVE our friends!
This week Cman received a gift from our friends, the Ritters of Corpus Christi, TX. Cman loves his new Corpus Christi Hooks hat~ Thanks T&B and lil' T and lil' B

To beat the Saturday heat the Wilgis fam enjoyed a few hours at our condo pool. Cman recently started to run and jump in fearlessly. Kristy is not pictured because she served as the paparazzi on your behalf. (Photos that reveal my skin to be as white as a halogen bulb were not placed into rotation.) I just asked Kristy "Am I THAT white????" Her answer? "YES HONEY. People make fun of that to your face. I gave you a tanning pass... go use it." I love my bride!

Original Nintendo makes a comeback!
On Friday night I decided to whip out the original NES that I have had in a closet for nearly two years. I put it away because it was having problems but as soon as I got it all hooked up we were able to play. We don't own any fancy gaming consuls because I would waste too much time on them so Cman thought this was the coolest thing in the world! By the way I'm looking for the original Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. I have the gun... just need the game. If you want to swing by and challenge me with your NES skills... hit me up!

As a side note I remember being a kid thinking "One day I want to play NES with my kids. They're going to think it's ancient." So this was pretty fun for me.

Last weekend Cman had his pap-pap over for a birthday party. Mickey Mouse made an appearance.

Life is good with the Wilgis fam. Thanks for checking out the latest installment of "The Wilgis Rewind" Until next time...

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, August 03, 2008


At 8:20 PM, Blogger Happy Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to Caleb! Crazy that he is 3 and our baby girl is 3 also!


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