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Write me a Love Song...

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying a private event featuring Sara Bareilles. My regular coffee shop, Bean There Cafe', held a contest for the tickets by providing an entry each time a person purchased a latte. It really was unfair to the rest of the consuming public because I drop a few grand a week in that place. The local radio station 94.9 'the Point' is serving as host to Sara, Maroon 5 and Counting Crows tonight at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

I got word last night at around 9pm that I was selected and got to enjoy the event today.

She sang three songs and took pictures with everyone. I really enjoyed the event and she came across as relaxed and approachable.

Kristy can't believe the variety of music I actually enjoy. For a guy who grew up on gangsta rap I actually dig a lot of chill music. I had a lot of fun... but no, she didn't write me a love song.

Check out the pics:

An intimate setup in the corner of the coffee shop.
They gave us autographed pictures prior to her arrival.
Kristy said "Tally, you're going to see her in a few minutes... you look so goofy doing that!"

I brought my beautiful bride because I care about Sara's career.
I figured it may hurt her credibility if she saw me alone and decided to write me a love song.

Simple but effecient set-up. The crew from The Point, the sound company and her advance team kicked tail. She was able to walk in and begin playing without any hassle. She could focus on being the best Sara possible. I think churches could learn a ton about the importance professionalism adds to an event/environment.

The tragedy of multiple cameras. I'd have a hard time on the red carpet. Sara knew where to look. The Point took pics and they are supposed to be up on this site soon.

Overall I had a great time and I'm thankful to Bean There Cafe for the opportunity. If you live locally be sure to go by there and support your local coffee shop. It rocks!

Me with Amy... the owner of Bean There Cafe.

When we got home I put Sara's photo in a position of honor. Kristy laughed at me and told me it was a little much.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, July 25, 2008


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