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Initial WiBo Thoughts

I just got home so I figured I'd drop some of my initial thoughts. I say initial because I assume in later posts I'll be touching on various things I picked up from WiBo.

First and foremost I have to commend my friend Ben Arment on an amazing job. Ben has been a great friend in ministry since I considered this whole church-planting thing and yesterday I felt as proud for him as I could for anyone. I'm honored to know him and I'm glad he's on the Catalyst team. God has blessed him with an amazing family and blessed the church of our generation to have Ben and guys like him. Great job Ben. I heard so many positive comments about the conference. I think for most of us who have attended a conference or dozen... this one stood out for its quality but also its punch. Get in, get to the point, get out. A very unique and much needed forum.

The speakers were tight. I will go over my notes and dedicate more time to them later as I apply their teaching to my life but I have a general impression take-away and that is that although WiBo was about 8 different people sharing their 'one compelling idea' I felt like God used that platform to give us a theme that wasn't printed in any bulletin or website. In my opinion God's theme for the day was something like this:

"Hey Kids,

Jesus is THE way to heaven. Go tell the world. I'm done hearing excuses.

Love, Dad."

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, May 23, 2008


At 11:13 PM, Blogger DARREN PLUMMER: said...

Wow. That was a pretty powerful statement from heaven, dude. ;-)


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