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My Inner Geek Speaks

So you may not know this... but I have an inner geek.

Yes, I admit it. I know more than I need to about tech stuff and I have ADD when it comes to the latest tech stuff. I see it and I want to figure it out. The only thing that kept me from becoming a computer programmer was that I don't have the patience to troubleshoot every day of my life. Praise God for those of you who can do that for the rest of the world. I celebrate with awe both your brain and your patience.

Every once in a while however I see something tech-related and say "I'm going to do that."
It starts innocently enough but if I hit a few hurdles the project turns from child's play to celebrity death match... Tally vs. Technology.

This is the latest example of why I'm a glutton for tech punishment.

|-RSS friends, there is a video here -|

The Backstory:
Basically I came across Qik.com (which is AMAZING btw!) from following Bobby Gruenewald of LifeChurch.tv on Twitter and then while surfing around Qik I found Scoble talking about a cool little program put together by his friend Dave Winer. The software enables a Mac to download an image feed (RSS) and display it as a rotating screen saver.

Scoble mentioned that on an HDTV you could turn your TV into an art gallery by grabbing feeds of great photographers like those of Associated Press, yourself or your friends. He talks about how having a rotating display of great photography in his home serves as art, a conversation piece and insight into the happenings around the world.

This intrigued me for a few reasons:
1. Perspective. I really enjoy the idea of getting a feed from around the world of stunning photos that tell stories.

2. Family & Community. I can 'subscribe' to feeds of family and friends *** IF YOU HAVE A FLICKR ACCOUNT WITH COOL PICS LET ME KNOW, I"LL FOLLOW YOU TOO***.

3. Conversation. I love the idea that this simple feed can rotate on my TV and bring up ideas, thoughts and conversations that I wouldn't have otherwise.

So true to form I spent several hours on this simple project (I had to move my router downstairs because my old MacMini didn't have a built in wireless device) but eventually conquered the beast and set this puppy up. I'm loving it thus far and it's making use of an otherwise wasted MacMini.

Don't forget.. if you have a Flickr feed of interesting photos, drop a comment and let the world know. I'd love to see your story on my TV too!

<--End of Geek Transmission-->

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, April 11, 2008


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