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Just A Call Away

Several years ago I visited with an older Pastor who was doing a phenomenal work in regards to planting churches. His heart was to plant 20 churches in just a few years. He had moved to a new ministry and I wanted to catch up and spend some time with him. I love learning and I especially love to learn from people who've been before me and are still making it happen every day.

As with most lifelong learners
he started peppering me with questions of life and culture (great men of God will try to learn from everyone... even a rookie). Specifically he was having a space problem and wanted to know if anyone was doing anything 'cutting edge' in regards to growing ministries. This was back before multi-site was cool. We got into a discussion about multi-site churches and how they were done effectively.

He was curious about what he was hearing so he picked up his cell phone. He called a friend who happened to be the leader of a large denominational entity. He simply referenced our conversation and asked if it was true. The gentleman on the other side of the phone confirmed that a few larger churches had started to do these things called 'video venues'. After some small talk they hung up the phone and we continued our conversation.

About 10 minutes later my Pastor friend's phone rings. This time he apologizes to me as he quickly answers. I sat and observed a daddy (my Pastor friend) talking to his son (calling from Afghanistan). His son was calling while he had a break from his duties as a leader of a unit at war. He just wanted to tell dad he was safe and not to worry about what would surely be on the news later.
I just happened to think today about some things and I was reminded of two quick thoughts:

1. In our day of technology... anyone we need is just a connection away.
(Through blogging friends in Orlando I've watched several great leaders interviewed for free over the last few days.)

2. My Heavenly daddy is just a call away. He tells me over and over to call on him... for salvation, for forgiveness, in times of trouble, when I'm worried... on and on. My God is just a call away.

Theologically speaking this is HUGE.
If the God who made time and then stepped in it is just a call away... then there is not a need I could have on the planet that can not be filled in a moment's notice. It's a pretty cool and calming thought.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, April 24, 2008


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