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Six Days of Twitter

Okay, I've been on Twitter for just under a week. I'm going to keep it (so long as I find it to be useful). In six days I have developed a few thoughts about it so I figured I'd drop them out there for those of you thinking about joining the conversation... or avoiding it.

1. I'm able to keep up with family: My sisters, mom and brother in-law are all on now so Twittering has allowed us to keep pretty good contact this week. While they use it like a private conversation (a closed circle) I tend to just listen in and text them directly if I want to add anything. One of my sisters is about to have a baby this week so it's been good to get updates as to how she's feeling and what she's thinking along the way. My mother is transitioning jobs so she's updated about that and my brother-in-law... well... he's got some interesting observations about the use of a handicap restroom.

2. Los is a communication machine. I've always enjoyed @LosWhit in blog-form but it's been cool getting his take on the world as he's living it. I have only a few feeds turned on to buzz my cell phone but his is one. If you know any worth-while Tweets, let me know.

3. I don't like feeds from blogs.
The last thing I want is to ruin the uniqueness of Twitter with clutter. I have bloglines to aggregate my feeds. Some people have other people's blogs turned on... it's a shame because that forces me not to follow you. Twitter and clutter don't work for me.

4. My awareness of the world is better because of Twitter. This week I was able to get a heads up from Terry about an online experience that was about to start (which I truly enjoyed). I have really loved following Bobby's trip. He's in Rwanda right now and I love hearing about his experience. Because of technology I'm also able to follow an inner-city missionary I've recently met. Not to mention I've been able to toss up a few prayer requests for people... for instance Los is at defcon 5!

5. The R.O.I. is pretty good. I've done a vast majority of my 'Tweets" from my cell phone via text message. I've been able to post thoughts in a matter of just a few seconds but as referenced above I've been able to connect with a lot of people. Because of my personality type I enjoy the dialogue that Twitter provides. Throughout the day as I'm traveling I get a sense of how the world is doing. By following a few people with updates to my phone I have enjoyed the benefit of listening in to their world in real-time. A pretty cool trade off. For those who may feel it takes away time... I push back by asking how often you text message. If you use text messaging I assure you that Twittering takes very little time at the end of the day and you can discipline yourself by texting "off" to Twitter when you need to focus.

Overall I'm enjoying it. Again if you know of some good people to follow let me know. If you'd like to check in on my world, feel free to follow me here. Join the conversation.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, March 31, 2008


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