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Gracious Thank You!

Hey there blog world. It's been a while.

I had a few friends write me recently to kick my tail about not blogging and sharing details.... let me assure you... It's not you... its me.

Honestly I wanted to take a few minutes and thank all of you who have written such encouraging words. Your emails and comments which I don't publish have been amazing.

I'm thankful for the week I've had and God is being more than gracious with what He's been cooking up. I'm spending time receiving and making certain to give Him his due.

You know what I've found in the last few weeks? Those who aren't affiliated with church whatsoever have been some of the most amazing people God has used to speak to me and assist me in this journey.

I may get into the details a little later but please accept my sincere "Thank You" if you've been praying for me along the way. I feel the affects and I'm fired up right now. I trust you will grant me some freedom in not doing details right now. There are several steps ahead but I can assure you that I'm in the front seat of the coaster and it's pretty stinkin' cool from where I sit.

Have a great Thursday night. Thanks for your encouragement and I look forward to giving you more insight as time goes on. God is amazing and those of you who felt called to speak into my life I thank you for being obedient. Have a great Friday!

I will share with you that I'm pumped about two meetings I have tomorrow. One is with an old friend from college and another is with a guy in our small group whom I'll meet for some bible study and stuff. My day will be grand. I wish the same for you!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, February 28, 2008


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