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Aye Aye Captain

In my life I expect God to lead me as I lead others toward making an eternal impact in our city. Making this eternal impact will not happen if I hold on to my pride and present circumstances even when I know we're not being as effective as we should be. If there are plenty of people who need to be reached for Christ (which there are), we shouldn't be content with moving the deck chairs on the Love Boat or the Titanic. We should be committed to only lead ships that are actively engaged in the mission at hand.

Recently we've made some adjustments that to some are difficult to swallow. Some people want us to stay with status quo. I can't. Why? I'm not a captain of the Love Boat or Titanic. I'm the captain of a ship with a mission. I would say we've been acting like the Love Boat. We've decided to pull into port and let some folks decide if they are crew or consumer. It was a tough call but we believe its the right one.

I believe some churches are "Love Boat" churches because these are the churches that are moving along having no "major" problems apart from the problem of not reaching people. The Love Boat church has great relationships between those on board but has either lost its mission or never had one. What may have started as a ship with a mission has pulled down the flag of the nation and raised the flag of Micky Mouse. Bad Karaoke and a buffet await those who pay the minimal fees.

The "Titanic" is the church that is headed for disaster and will eventually sink. For one reason or another this church is going to sink at some point. While everyone is happy on board the church is headed for disaster. While the Love Boat folks can go on forever with the bliss that comes from ignorance, the Titanic group is a part of a church in need of repair. The writing is on the wall and the ship will go down unless something major happens. Unfortunately there are many Titanics that really would do better as museums or man-made reefs.

No matter which ship most resembles your church, it is important that you evaluate it and decide if that's the ship you're called to captain.

Located here in Norfolk, VA is the largest Naval base in the world. We have ships with purpose here. You won't find the guys in uniform reporting to the Disney Cruise boat each day. They know that the boat they are getting on is full of purpose and their mission is real and present. These men and women are trained to man weapons and follow orders, they aren't on the boat to fetch martinis and fluff pillows. When these men and women get on a Naval vessel they know that they are reporting for duty.

How's your church captain? Are you leading the Love Boat, the Titanic or a Naval vessel? Those of you who aren't captains of your church... does your action show that you're a passenger or partner in the mission?

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, January 17, 2008


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Jason Curlee said...

I want and hope for our ship to be one of purpose.


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