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Pine Ridge on NBC

Last night on NBC Nightly News my friend Tadd Grandstaff was interviewed by Tom Brokaw. The segment which aired was basically about the young churches and their desire to be less involved politically.

Tadd handled himself wonderfully and I'm praying continued blessing on Pine Ridge. Tadd has done an amazing job. Over the last year or two in talking with Tadd about his passion for Pine Ridge I have seen him time after time make very wise and mature decisions. From seeking out advice to building a team to seeking support from both denominational and non denominational entities. Tadd is doing what God called him to do and that is turn his county on its head for Jesus Christ.

NBC also put out an extended version on their site here.

A few thoughts:
1. Use the media. They want a story and you have a story to get out. If they aren't the same story it doesn't matter... a whole lot of people know about Pine Ridge Church today because of that fact.

2. Know (like Tadd points out on his blog) that your words may be edited towards the focus of their piece. Do exactly what Tadd did and get out your point of view.

3. Go back and read Tadd's account. Then watch both videos. You'll see the editing. Then consider how many times you judged someone based on a piece on the news. In the future would you say we should give the interviewee a little more slack? I think so.

As for the point of the story I think it holds generally true. Many churches aren't interested in the political process right now. If you've been around this blog very long however you'll know that I am. I'll share more in the upcoming weeks about my view of faith and politics/government and how I believe they can and in some cases should be connected.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Saturday, December 01, 2007


At 11:07 PM, Blogger Tadd Grandstaff said...

Tally thanks so much bro! I really appreciate what you had to say about me and leading this church. It means more than you know man.

The decisions that we have made have come from the wisdom that was passed down to me from guys like you that were out doing it long before I ever arrived on the scene.

I hope you guys are doing well bro...you, your family, and Focal Point are always in my prayers!!


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