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ReThink: Responses

There aren't any more exciting things as a pastor than to see those who hear your sermons actually apply them to their life. This week my friend John spoke on ReThink: Self Esteem.

Using Moses' life as an example, John shared that so often times what prevents us from doing all that God has called us to is simly that we have a low self esteem. We actually remove esteem from ourselves.

John went on to discuss the fact that we can have self-esteem because of He who gives it to us. God calls us to challenges that He knows He can accomplish with us. Our God often thinks higher of us than we allow ourselves to consider.

This week I found a blog post by Cristy. Cristy is a young woman who just started coming to Focal Point about two months ago. She's been making huge steps in her walk with the Lord and as evidenced here- takes the time to work on her faith apart from Sunday morning. She's a success story that I believe will only skyrocket from these modest beginnings. John asked everyone to go home and make much of God. "Thank God by writing out 50 reasons you are thankful to Him."

From Cristy's blog.

I love you because:

1. You are Daddy. That means more to me than to most.
2. You never break your promises. Even when I break mine.
3. You made penguins. And sunsets. And: the ocean, storms, weeping willows, daffodils, rivers, dogs, wind, snow, icecicles, the moon, shooting stars, ripples in the sand, laughter, honeysuckles, treefrogs, tadpoles, colors, ivy, seashells, the smell of rain, fire, raindrops, music, and so much more that is beautiful.
4. You gave everything, when I am willing to give so little. And you gave everything knowing I would give so little.
5. You hold me in my darkest hours, even when you are the last one I turned to.


51. I love you, because you have created me perfectly, just the way you meant to, just the way you wanted me to be.

Read the rest at her blog.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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