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800th post and my eye

This happens to be my 800th post. Yay me!
Without pre-planning I just wanted to share what happened to me this evening. That picture above... that's my eye right now. My treo camera wasn't able to get great detail in the dark but that red section to the left, that's blood. What's more is that the top clear layer (I'm not a doctor) is cut due to the impact of someone's fingernail.

I was playing basketball tonight and drove to the lane. When I went up a defender reached to block me but caught my eye full force. I yelped in pain. The whole gym got quiet... it was ugly. We had a collision at the basket but his finger basically crushed my eye.

I'm going to rest it this evening and hopefully it will heal itself.

While I was standing there trying to figure out if I could see, I became very thankful for my eyesight. Those few minutes when I was trying to get my eye to re-focus actually felt much longer.

That's a neat thing with God. Sometimes for us to truly appreciate what we have He has to help us see the value in something by taking it away, even for a short time.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, November 30, 2007


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