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2008 Choices

Did I mention this is my private blog and it doesn't represent the views of Focal Point Church, the SBCV or any other organization to which I'm affiliated? Did I mention that members of those organizations may not agree with me on things and I'm okay with that?

Good. Glad I got that out of the way.

As the 2008 Election gets moving (actually 1 yr before voting) I must say I've been following everything since Obama and Hillary started running for President in 2004. :)

Honestly though this race has been a long and protracted event with already 8 debates just on the democratic side (including tonight's debate).

I'm one of these people who's been less than impresed for a long time. I haven't had a candidate I can get behind. I still don't but I'm closer.

For as much as I'm passionate about my convictions I'm also a pragmatist to an extent. I don't ever want to waste my vote. Although I live in Virginia which is often considered part of the 'republican' south, our state is becoming a toss up as of late. Our governors office has a Democrat as well as the state senate which is now in Democratic hands. The House side is still Republican but not by much. Frankly our state assembly deserved the smakdown after they passed some insane new driver fees.

I digress... back to the presidency. In the words of Bonnie Tyler.... "I need a hero"

So let me cut to the chase. I'm down to two gentleman.

Fred Thompson or Mike Huckabee.

If you work for either campaign, feel free to court my vote.

I have a LOT of thoughts about all of the candidates but my quick take on these two are:


* Federalist Position
* Name Recognition
* Quick Wit
* Looks Presidential
* No Nonsense

* He's left me at the altar.

I was so pumped about him getting into the race but his lackluster performance has left me scratching my head. He had a different campaign team before he entered and frankly they were better. He was more free-wheelin' and his personality came through. He was more vigourous and to the point. Today he seems much more calculated and reserved. It seems like someone is in his ear telling him he can rely on the same tactics he used in Tennessee for two elections. I don't think that's true. I LOVE his positions but he's losing support at the wrong time. That support includes mine. I've been forced to look around. I'm not settled yet but I have been keeping my eye on...

* A likeminded Pastor
* Gov of Arkansas for 10 years
* Beat the Clintons at their own game in their own state every time
* The contrast between him and Hillary would be the most dramatic
* He is straight forward and confident.
* He's unappologetic about where he stands.
* He has a pragmatic streak.

* Last name is Huckabee (sorry but it's an honest issue on the coasts and in the cities). I think his marketing team should work on that... ;) call me I have some ideas.

* Up until recently he's underfunded and his machine isn't strong

* The Right hasn't been getting full-force behind him yet (but the tide is turning). He is the prime candidate for the Conservative Christian but the big-wigs of the Christian Right don't have a true leader. With the loss of Dr. Falwell and D. James Kennedy this year and Robertson moving to Rudy (he's lost his clout anyway) and Dobson talking foolishness... it's left the Christian Conservatives splintered.

The biggest problem is that Huckabee is in a Catch-22.

He can't get support b/c the Christian Right doesn't know if he's viable. He's not going to BE viable until he gets the support. He's done enough however to pull close to the top in Iowa and he's been one of the strongest in every debate. He came 2nd to Romney in straw polls where Romney paid for everyone's entry fee (signs of socialism to come?) ... Huckabee's supporters paid their own way. For all of these reasons the Christian Right seems to be at least looking his way. LINK

So for now I'm up in the air. I think either of these two would represent me well. I'll be making my decision probably by the new year and then working to support whomever I decide to get behind.

Feedback time.
Have you been engaged in the process? Who are you voting for and why?

If you're not engaged in the process or you honestly don't know much about each man/woman running... I'm at your service. Even if you think I'm a nut on this issue, I want to help you get access to info to support your position. Here is a pretty neutral site that just shows the major issues in a graph. You can decide where you stand and then see which candidate best represents your views. Hopefully there is much more thought in a vote than this... but it's a fabulous start.


posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, November 15, 2007


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