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You Majored in What?

I'm convinced that the life of faith requires a double major. Two major things we will need to embrace are logic and miraculous works of God.

Logic Major:

God doesn't change. Learning the principles of God allow us to see a logical flow to what He tends to do. People who don't major in the logic side of God tend to expect miracles in every moment. People with this mindset are often described as "Too heavenly minded to be any earthly good." He is the Alpha and the Omega. He's not a respector of persons. For the logical mind He's great b/c He's consistant. We know where God stands in most situations.

Miraculous Major:

While God is often understood in logical terms because He's consistant we must also at the same time major in the Maraculous. There are times when through the power of the Holy Spirit God will choose to do the miraculous. For those of us who are more easily tuned to the logical part of life it's important that we are sensitive to the fact that at times God will step in and alter a situation. While he is logical in the day to day we must factor into our logical mind the ability for God to show up and do the unexpected.

All of us are uniquely designed.
If you're like me you've been able to identify a part of you that outweighs the other. I'm naturally logical. I have to be certain that I stay open to the miraculous situations of life. You may be the opposite. You may say "You know, I have amazing faith and I believe God for miracles but my problem is that when I don't see miracles I tend to doubt God." If that's where you are, it's cool... just work on the logical part. Scripture is given to us to learn how God works in this world. By feeding on example after example of God's provision for his people you will soon be able to find peace in the midst of the daily grind.

No matter our persuasion we must enjoy both the journey and the view. Then and only then will we live the life we're blessed to have if only we'd receive it. Being assured of God's presence in both the mind and the miracles is a wonderful thing.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, October 22, 2007


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