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I'm offended..... that you're offended.

The idea of offense is out of control in our current culture. It has invaded the church and ruined the very definition of the word "offense" which is used approximately 73 times in the bible for varying things.

In our present day it seems that society has equaled "being offended" with some form of crime or sin. The theory works like this: "Simply because I'm offended... you must be at fault."

People are offended at everything and they expect those who've "offended them" to crawl to them on all fours and apologize for living.

A few examples:

Example 1: "I'm offended when someone reads their bible in public."
This is one I've dealt with recently. The solution proposed is that we eliminate all forms of religion from the public square. Atheism and Agnosticism don't count. They are philosophies, not faiths. Yeah... and I can jump the Grand Canyon.

Listen up world. If you're offended at me reading my bible in Starbucks, turn your chair and mind your own business. I don't subscribe to any of the philosophies found in the books surrounding the Christian section at Barnes and Noble but I don't care if someone wants to read them. If you want to believe that your holy underpants make a difference... go right ahead. Why should I be offended over that?

Example 2: "I'm offended because you said___ or did ____ and you're a Pastor."
This one is fun. A lot of Pastors in recent times (last 50-100 years) have subjected themselves to this to the point that it may as well be theology in some circles. Listen. Your Pastor doesn't have to apologize to you because you think his hair is too long, he grew a gotee or because he wore a hat into the church building. Just because you're "offended" at something that isn't sin doesn't mean He has to live down to your level of Spiritual Maturity. Get a bible, read it and next time bring it with you when you believe there should be an offense. Don't bring your immature attitude about scripture or about what actually took place (when you hear it through the gossip mill in the parking lot). Just because you wouldn't do something doesn't automatically make that thing sinful. If so, that'd make you God and frankly that's a scary place to put yourself. I think Christ already has that title on the door.

Example 3: "Ann Coulter... I'm offended you'd say that.... c'mon... you're educated."
This one was recently on national television. See the YouTube video.

It's obvious that Donny Deutch wanted to drill down to get her to say something he could jump all over. This clip was after about 5 minutes of him trying to badger her into submission about her philosophy of writing a book. She relented and kept telling him that she says what she thinks and if you've known her since Kindergarten you'd know she's being honest.

Anyway... The very reason Donny "was offended" is that he doesn't get a basic understanding of an Evangelical Christian. That ideal is that none of us are "perfect" in ourselves. It's only through Jesus Christ that anyone is "perfected" and able to enter Heaven. Ann Coulter tried several times to explain that there is no reason to be offended. She even apologized and tried a few times to explain that "Christ died for our sins." For her to want Donny (or anyone else) to experience Salvation through Christ is not something to be "offended" by. Her faith teaches that Christ died for everyone and ANYONE can accept his free gift of eternal life. No works, no ambiguity... just heaven.


The deal is that not every time that I'm frustrated by something is that a time in which my "offense" is justified and I'm owed any apology. In fact in most cases I CHOOSE what to be offended by.

Our culture is full of hypochondriacs who need to put a helmet on and grab a pacifier. Things in life won't always go your way and at times you will see or hear things that you personally wouldn't do. It doesn't mean the world owes you an apology and no... they aren't in sin if they refuse to give you one.

As a Christian I'm offended when scripture (rightly divided) isn't practiced by those who proclaim it. We should spend our time being offended that our world is without Christ and we're doing very little about it. We shouldn't listen to the hypochondriacs who sit on their rump and want to run the church. Let's be offended by what offends Jesus. Nothing more.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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