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Great Questions lead to Great Manhood

I had a great meeting this morning with a guy from our church. We meet at 6 a.m. at Starbucks each Thursday for straight bible study and prayer. It's a very refreshing part of my week.

He's a 26 year old military officer whom I'll have the honor of marrying (to his new bride) this spring. I've really enjoyed the time I've gotten to know him because he's so open to growing and loving Christ.

Today he asked some good questions. I love talking to someone like this b/c they make me put words to my theology. Sometimes we've learned a lesson and have applied it so well that we forget the basic core that lead us to our present actions.

Here are a few of the questions:
1. What is humility
2. How do you know that you're being humble without being walked on?
3. Why are American men not taught that view?
4. How do you instill boundaries into a child as they grow?
5. How do you and your wife handle disagreements with parenting styles?
6. What are 'good works' (Titus 3 was our study today).

As you can tell these were some great questions from a young man wanting wisdom from someone he trusts in the faith. I'm humbled that I get to work with men like this. Men who want to live lives of victory and joy while leading a revolution. men who do not want to be satisfied with a quiet and hollow desperation. Men who want to worship the risen Jesus of Revelation 19 (see below) in a world of the Renaissance-inspired dead portrait of Jesus where he looks frail and feeble.

I love mornings like this when the souls of men are stirred to become Godly examples of true masculinity to their families, children and communities. Where men are living not to avoid pain but to conquer the mountains of fear and plots of the enemy that have emasculated generations before.

Ohh that God would see fit to grant me the honor and joy to lead a church of men who look more to this calling than any other. Living to avoid pain is weak and unfulfilling.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, October 04, 2007


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