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Email To Self

I asked our crowd today if any of them write emails to themselves. I got a lot of weird looks and very few hands went into the air so I suppose I'm all alone on this one (or the only one brave enough to admit it). I've been writing emails to myself for years. No, I don't write "Dear Tally, you're handsome and smart and cool. If I were a woman and you were not married, I'd want to take you out for dinner." ::Cough Cough:: No... not that kind!

I write myself reminders. (side note: Jott works better)

Anyway, the other day I decided to go ahead and do a forward that my family was sending around. I NEVER do these things and normally I delete them as fast as I get them but as I saw my family complete them they all had a common answer for one of the questions: "Who is least likely to respond to this?" They all put "Tally". Hey, at least I'm consistant right?

Well, I decided to respond and among the rest of the answers (mostly tounge-in-cheek), I was presented with a serious question. "What do you want to do before you die?"

Wow. Good question.

So I thought and wrote two main things (more than two but I summarized).

"1. See my son come to know Christ as Savior.

2. Develop a successful business which will free me up to grow a successful church which will allow us to decrease poverty in a significant way in Hampton Roads which will allow me to multiply that in cities across the U.S. as a model starting with Baltimore. Along the way I'll likely run for significant state or federal office."

Wow. I actually wrote it out. That's my heart's desire. That's the mark I believe God has called me to leave on the planet. I'm certain there will be more to it as my life unfolds but man there is a lot I honestly want to see accomplished in my lifetime.

So I wrote myself an email. It was as simple as this. I copied what I considered was my life's goal into the body and I wrote in the subject line: "Just do it then."

It's become cliche but honestly... Just do it. Just start moving forward with the conviction and faith that what God has called and equipped you to do will come to pass.

Do you want to know what my greatest fear was when we started Focal Point? It wasn't a fear of failure. Not at all. I honestly have never worried about what people would think if we failed. My greatest fear in the first year was a fear of success. What if people actually show up? What if we send out mailers and hundreds of people flood in to hear what GOD has to say through little 'ol me?

Let me ask you this. What is holding you back? Is it fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of rejection? Lies you've believed since you were young? Inferriority complex?
Find whatever that hangup is in your life preventing you from articulating the call of God on your life and overcome that hurdle. God has a plan for your life to change the world but it will only happen when you come to grips with it and begin moving forward.

Go ahead. Write that email to yourself.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, October 28, 2007


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