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Ben is Brilliant

I'm back from my trip to the country of Texas. Yes its still there. One of the things I love about Texas is the people. In particular I've been fortunate enough to know some great people who reside there. One such person is named Ben. Ben is a Junior in High School but has the brain of a guy halfway through college. His family is one of the coolest I've ever known and his parents would honestly get my personal award for 'Best Mom and Dad in the whole Freakin' World!" I admire the way they've raised their three children. All unique in their own right, they are a product of a great family.

I've always known that Ben was great as an artist and over the last year I've learned that he's been elected class president a few times. I now recently heard that he's destroying the school books as well with a 4.million GPA. Pssst. On top of it all I hear he's considering going a few years to the world famous Liberty University. All of this makes him BRILLIANT.

Over lunch after church Sunday I decided to be his personal cheer leader and with an empty paper towel tube in my hand I decided to cheer "Ben is Brilliant" over anything he did. I figure one can never have enough esteem boosts! So toward the end of the meal I told Ben I wanted to continue my "Ben is Brilliant" campaign and I told him if he'd make me a shirt I'd wear it.

To my surprise (but should I have been? He's brilliant...) Ben shocked me with this one of a kind BRILLIANT T-shirt.

To my friend Ben and all in Texas who know him.... Thanks. Thanks for a great weekend and for being as Brilliant as you all are.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, September 25, 2007


At 12:38 PM, Blogger Twyla said...

This kid sounds really great. You are so fortunate to know him.


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