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Who do you know that doesn't know God?

This evening I played darts at a local joint. It is actually fun and relaxing. During my time some guys asked if they could play. I said sure. We talked for quite a while and I learned about their jobs, one guy's engagement and the other guy's aspiration to get his CDL license.

After about 45 minutes one of the guys says "So what do you do?"

I love that question :)

"I'm a Pastor."

Now here is where you'd expect to get remarks or criticism (or my favorite) apologies for cursing. I got none of them (which was great) and instead we kept talking about other things and he asked "So where is your church." I explained that we meet in a movie theater nearby and he said "cool". We played several more games talking about various topics and then at the end of our last game one of the guys says "So tell me more about this church of yours." And then he asked me the coolest question ever...

"Does the Movie Theater pay you to do church there?"

Man... don't I wish!

I explained that we actually pay them.

He said "So how do you guys make any money from it then?

I explained that people who have had their lives changed actually give money so guys like him would come and learn why they'd actually give away their money...

He smiled and said "Cool. I'll have to check that out."

I said "Sweet. Take care bro."

That was my evening in a nut shell. Hanging out at places with smoke, beer and overpriced but crappy food. Why? Because I'm a rebel. No. Because I want to show people Jesus who don't already smell like the church.

So... we all need to ask ourselves. (As I do myself every day) "Who do I know that doesn't already know God?"

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, July 29, 2007


At 12:00 AM, Blogger jessi said...

Awesome story...encouraging and challenging to get out there.


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