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Next stop...

The last month or so has been refreshing for me. There are several areas of life and ministry lining up to provide synergy for the future. God has been providing me direction and assurance about where I'm headed.

At some point I'll get to sharing more detail on the blog but for now please toss up a 'thanks' to God for his guidance in my life. With this guidance doesn't come an easier path or assurance of success. It does however provide confidence and clarity to what He's called me (and thereby our church) to.

The task is huge and well beyond anything I can accomplish on my own... but isn't that what makes Him God? :)

With that in mind I'm noticing God position people. Some he's positioning outside of my realm of influence but he's bringing many closer to me. I fully believe over the next year he will be bringing several more people together to take us all where He wants us to go.

One of our problems at Focal Point has always been having the wrong people on the bus and of those on the bus, having people in the wrong seats. God is taking care of that right now. It may be a little bumpy in the short run but I'm anticipating a breakthrough in the months ahead as the right people get to their right seats and we allow other people to get off at the next stop.

Next stop...

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, July 16, 2007


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