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Block Party Trailer

This week I've been hunting down info on purchasing equipment to create a Block Party Trailer. I'm determined that this summer we're going to be very aggressive in our public profile.

Our State Convention and my Alma mater have teamed up in a program called Liberty Link. Basically they will send a team of students to do all sorts of stuff and you pay the students' travel costs. One of the things they have is a "Block Party Trailer". They bought it from this group.
This trailer comes equipped with everything you'd need to throw a party just about anywhere... Inflatable games (moon bounces), a grill, table games, sporting equipment, etc.

We have a trailer that we're barely using that we're going to put to use in a big way this summer. I'm looking right now at prices for all of the stuff it'll take to pull this off well. I figured I'd share some sites with you in case you want to take the ball and run with it for your church. After looking into this I'm thinking it can be done well for about the cost of one direct mail blast. We're definitely going to make it happen.

Some links:
Sells them for $15k: http://www.timothyinstitute.org/

Blue River Association

Huron Baptist Association

Saturate Colorado

So my deal is this... How many of you have utilized this concept for a consistant time-frame? Also, do any of you own a trailer like this? If so, would you be willing to send me what you know?

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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