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He said what?

Today during the message I kept thinking about songs that corrisponded with Joseph's story. When I got to the part of Potipher's wife wanting to sleep with him I said "She wanted to bring that sexy back."

I saw shock and heard a few nervous laughs.

I said "Some are bothered that I knew that? You should be bothered that this woman in the story wanted to have an affair but instead you're thinking about a song..."

At another place I mention that Potipher's wife said "That Hebrew..." when defining a guy she was about to sleep with. I pointed out that he wasn't "That Hebrew" when she wanted to get down with him but only used to degrade him when she's trying to make herself look good. I went on to say that today it would be like someone saying "That Black Guy" instead of using a proper name...

Again a few were suprised that I'd mention race relations in a message.

It's funny to me that some people have a compartmentalized view of the bible. I'm a guy who thinks the church has been sterile for far too long. I don't say what I say for shock value, I say it so that they understand the implications of what were going on in the text.

I have a running set of desires for my life that I keep writtend down. I expand on them as time permits. One day I hope to pass it along to my children and before that I pray I'm able to live up to them as a man. One of them is: "When people from our church get to Heaven I want them to recognize Jesus." That starts for me by helping them recognize what's truly going on in His word. I guess you can say "I'm bringing bible back."

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, November 05, 2006


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