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Refresh your Bowells

I just watched a fantastic message called "Snakes On the Pews". The message is about how the church as a whole has people that can screw you up and many times because of dealing with people in the church who hurt you, you may want to give up. One thing that hit me: "The sharpest knife is held by the closest friend."

I've had my share of 'friends' turn on me in an instant. When I got into the ministry I made a commitment not to become callosed to people. I didn't want to become what many Pastors I had observed became. I observed Pastors who seemed to keep a little distance between themselves and people in the church.

I have a friends in the ministry who want to quit everyday because of people within the church who keep pulling for power. I've experienced loss by people who've attacked and then claim that they are victims. Problems in the church have been around since the first church.

This message addresses the pain the comes along with the church. It warns us not to confuse Jesus with the church. I encourage you to take 40 minutes and watch this video:

Click Here for the video

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, October 26, 2006


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