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Victory in Jesus

Sorry to have freaked out a few of you by my last couple of posts. I appreciate your emails and conversations. The truth is we're always in Spiritual Warfare and sometimes it's not pretty. I've come to realize that it's better to act like you're in the battle and get dressed accordingly rather than to walk as a pedestrian through the middle of the battlefield with your ipod in hand ignoring what's going on around you. So... don't cry for me Argentina... the drama has never left you (or me).

Well, if the title of my post illudes to something cool that has happened. It has.

Going through the church mail today has been a treat. The garbage going on I've dealt with this week started to take a toll. Fortunately for me I have built a network of friends and family who 'got my back' (literally and spiritually) so I was fine by yesterday evening. Today I have had a great day and just a few minutes ago it got even better.

Today I opened up the mail to find that the church received 3 checks from 3 different places and all were unexpected. One was an offering from a former member of the church who moved away. As encouraging as that was the other two put a huge smile on my face.

One of the checks is from an elderly woman in another state who wrote me a note saying that her grandaughter recently gave her life to the Lord and has started attending Focal Point. This young woman spoke highly of Focal Point and the grandmother was so excited about what the ministry has done for her grand daughter that she was compelled to send a note of thanks and a small gift to help with our efforts. This note made my day because I obviously know her grand daugther. I've prayed for her and I've seen her go from uninterested to fully committed under our care. I LOVE these stories!

The final check that came in the mail came from a couple whom I don't even know. They enclosed a screenshot of our website with a note that simply said "Thank you for the kindness of ice cream at Caravel's" This event was an event we sponsored as an outreach to our community during the final week of July. This couple decided to help offset some of the cost of the event with their generous gift. Wow. How amazing is our God? What an encouragement.

So while I'm positive I'll never find myself out of the proverbial woods of Spiritual Warfare (we battle not against flesh and blood) I will continue to praise Him for he is good and faithful to complete the work he began in us. It's going to be an exciting ride!

Please pray a prayer of blessing on each of these who were such a blessing to us. I believe God spoke to each of them and they responded out of the overflow of their hearts. It's great to know that God is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I'm glad I'm on his side.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, September 28, 2006


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