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That's my Dog (and my government?)

Dog during his initial arrest in Mexico in 2003.

I saw this on the news yesterday: Duane "Dog" Chapman arrested.

Dog was arrested at the request of the Mexican government for arresting a convicted rapist who had run to Mexico to hide. Yeah, the same Mexican government who is in shambles right now over the disputed election of their new president. The same government who until just the year 2000 lived under 72 years of one-party rule. The same government where police make the equivilant to $5/week and you can get away with anything if you bribe enough...
That same corrupt government is requesting an arrest of Duane Chapman because in Mexico bounty hunting is illegal. But apparently using Mexico as a refuge after brutally raping women is not as illegal. Andrew Luster was apprehended by the Chapmans outside of a night club. The kicker to me is that our U.S. Marshal Service went in to get Chapman. So let me get this straight. One of our convicted rapists runs to Mexico. One of our bounty hunters goes to bring him back to justice in America. Mexico says that we can't arrest our people in their country. In the meantime, Mexico extradites the criminal back to America where he is given 124 years for his crimes and DOG is being arrested by AMERICAN authorities at the request of Mexico... the country where a rapist was hiding?

Sweet. I completely understand. ????

By the way, Mark Driscoll enjoys Dog Chapman as a mondern Christian Evangelist.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, September 15, 2006


At 12:57 AM, Blogger Tadd Grandstaff said...

Man, this story right here just makes me sick...I remember a few years back when they arrested him for this thing the first time...something just ain't right with our country...this is the same "dog" that our country approached and asked him to go and get Osama and bring him back to the U.S.!

your still my "dog"..."dog"!


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