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Weekend Reflections

The service yesterday was pretty good... we've had an influx of guests lately so that's always encouraging and our production level continues to improve which leaves me especially pleased. We've been improving week by week so it's good to see things take shape.

I'm the type of person that would have wanted it all done last year but for a lack of funds and manpower, the growth has been slower than I'd prefer. I've learned that for us, for now... I have to be the leader that tweaks things one at a time. If we had other people around who knew where we were going and had the experience to get us there, our approach would be different but for now I have to invest in a few who can then invest in others. We have some dedicated people who have taken on tasks and have been faithful in what they're doing so I've had to take a different approach here and work to build the church one person at a time.

We will continue to do large outreach events (Easter Egg Hunt, Week of Giveaways, Movie Outreaches, etc.) but those don't seem to be making the impact I would have prayed that they would. Word of mouth is still the best growth method so we're going to have to grow this thing one person at a time. We're going to continue delivering God's word in relevant ways so that the message of the cross draws people in.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, August 07, 2006


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