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For guys like Kevin

So today at around 5:55 a.m. I'm sitting in Starbucks for our bible study and prayer time at 6 a.m. when I notice a construction worker come in and order coffee and a bagle. I couldn't help but to think of the book I'm reading right now called "Why men hate going to church" by David Murrow.

I asked myself "Self, what would it take for a guy like that to come to Focal Point?" I began reasoning that a tough guy in fatigues and a construction belt would be tough to get into church and started to get frustrated. A few minutes later though as he gets up to toss his trash he turns to me and catches my eye.

He says "So... you guys are here every week doing some kind of bible study huh?"

I said "Yeah man. We get together and check out God's word and just talk about life. The cool thing about this group is how real we are. If life sucks we say so and if things are good, we say so. It's a good group of guys."

He says "Yeah man. Each week I see you in here when I come to get my coffee. Are you from that church that meets in the movie theater?"

Surprised I said "Yeah man, that's us. How'd you hear about us?"

He said "I remember you. You did that Easter Egg Hunt a few months ago. My kids really had a good time. I bumped into you out there, my name is Kevin."

Then it hit me. I had talked to Kevin. Kevin had two cute little kids with him that day and I invested time talking to Kevin while his kids were playing at the event. Kevin continues "Yeah man... it's good what you guys are doing. My kids loved that stuff. I really need to get them into church."

Kevin went on to tell me about how spiritual things have been coming up around his house lately. His kids came across a cartoon about the crusifiction of Jesus and they were captivated asking him "Daddy, was Jesus a bad man?" He said "No... he was good, it was those other guys who were bad." Kevin then told me about how his kids were all worried about the date 6/6/06 the other day because of things they saw on TV and heard at school.

What I noticed in Kevin's voice was a sense of spirituality but (like many men out there) a feeling of having lost a leader. It was as if he once started down a path but got sidetracked along the way. I couldn't help but to be thankful that we had crossed paths again.

I asked Kevin if I could pray for him right then and there in Starbucks and he said "Man... definately, I could always use that." So this morning at about 6 a.m. I prayed with Kevin for his workday, his crew he supervises and for his family. I asked God to bless him and give him peace today. I asked God to give Kevin confidence in leading his family and wisdom to do it well." I'll continue to pray for Kevin today. It's times like this that I LOVE being able to do what I do.

A few thoughts about my experience this morning.

1. I wish more of our guys were there. At that time, I was the only person from our church there. Today it ended up just being two of us at our bible study and prayer. I want people like Kevin to see a solid group of us each week so he can see that it's not just 'the guy who gets paid to be spiritual' who is there.

2. It wouldn't have happened if I slept in. This encounter today would have never have happened if I didn't put myself in the middle of the marketplace.

3. Days like today don't happen every week but the percentage goes up each time I leave my house/office. In addition, days like today are a reward for the other days when we do it. For at least one group of patrons at Starbucks, it's not as 'strange' to see Christians read their bibles and have a good time together.

4. For us to grow, we're going to need much more of this from our congregation. We dont' live in a 'booming' area where we can expect a ton of growth for being the coolest church in town. We live in a place with a decent amount of blue collar families who have roots here. We also live in a place with a lot of military who are transient and may only stay here a few years before moving on. Our entire church will have to get active in outreach and encouragement if we're to grow significantly in this region.

5. I need to keep focusing on my own personal evangelism.

6. I need to keep reminding our church that we exist for guys like Kevin.

Anyway... if you think about it... toss one up for Kevin today. I'd love to see him take me up on an invite to Focal Point. Also pray for our men. I am begging God for a church of men who lead their families to serve and love Christ. Pray for me as the leader that I would be open to the Spirit as he leads us and that I'll have wisdom to lead our church appropriately.

Have a great Wednesday!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, June 14, 2006


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous carl said...

This is what the Kingdom is all about! Great post. I would be floating on clouds the rest of the day.


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Mark H said...

Fantastic, normal, simple, testimony. Thank you so much. I've just found your blog and I'm looking forward to reading more of all that God is doing.


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