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Church of the Day

Today we had a nice visit from new friend Gorman Woodfin of CBN and the 700 club. Gorman is a producer for the "church of the week" spotlight. He recently spent time at NCC with Mark Batterson. NCC will be featured tomorrow on the 700 club.

Gorman checked us out today and even gave me an autographed copy of a book he wrote called 'In the Hollow of His Hand: Amazing Stories of God's Care" printed by Multnomah Books.
Apparently it's a collection of 17 inspiring stories of God's hand in the most extreme of situations. It seems to be a relaxing read.

I've enjoyed connecting with people from all walks of the Christian life. Apparently Gorman lives pretty close and he's been wanting to pay us a visit. We enjoyed meeting him and I'm looking forward to his piece tomorrow on NCC. Should be great.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, June 25, 2006


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