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Theater Church Q and A

Theater Church Q&A

During the Theater Church portion of the event Mark had a couple of guys come up for a little Q &A. These are Pastors of churches who meet in theaters.

Dean Jackson:

Rock Canyon : Provo, Ut


Trinity Jordan

Elevation : Laten, Ut


Gary Lamb

Ridgestone : Canton, Ga


Dean Jackson

“There is nothing worse than being excited around un-excited people.”

“When things are going poorly, it’s just an opportunity for complainers to come out.”

Trinity Jordan

Launched Oct 2005

- Bought Radio time

- 16k door hangers

- Rented adds in the theater before movies

- Rented Billboards

- 158 people showed on first Sunday

75% of their people are in house churches

They bought the theater managers video i-pods to thank them.

They do pod-casting and video-casting of their services.

Gary Lamb

By far the funniest guy.

Started 18 months ago

They had 250 at 1 yr anniversary : 450 now

They use 7 theaters

“Our people love to have sex and make babies.”

Church has had 43 babies born in 20 months

There are only 2 theaters in their entire county.

They hang two huge banners 24/7 inside the theater.

Building a 40’ by 40’ storage shed behind the theater

Highly recommended KidMo for theater churches

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Saturday, May 06, 2006


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